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What is a Honda Multi-Point Inspection?

A Honda Multi-Point Inspection is an evaluation of your vehicle's overall condition with an emphasis on inspecting every primary vehicle system and part. The inspection focuses on vehicle area including the engine compartment, chassis, Timing Belt, headlights, steering & suspension, Battery Inspection and all fluids & filters. Every major component is evaluated and given a health grade by a factory-trained certified Honda technician. A grading scale checklist including each part guides the Honda Multi-Point Inspection providing you with all the knowledge you need to make the right decision regarding your vehicle's maintenance. Three grades are potentially given to each component inspected including green = satisfactory, yellow = require future attention, and red = needs immediate attention. However, now that you have a precision grade for your vehicle and every major part, what will you do next?

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I have my Multi-Point Inspection Checklist Results; Now what?

Getting the results of your Honda Multi-Point Inspection might be the first step with more to come depending upon the outcome. If your Honda got all satisfactory green grades, then you need to take no other action than continue to follow the recommended maintenance interval in the owner's manual. However, if you received any red grades signaling faulty parts that require immediate attention, you'll be given an opportunity to meet with a factory-trained Service Center advisor to discuss strategy: what to do next. At this meeting, you'll get presented with an expert recommendation on what action to take to restore your vehicle to peak performance, factory specifications, and maximum reliability and safety.

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Know your Honda's Health with a Honda Multi-Point Inspection Service

The Honda brand is world renown for engineering durable, reliable, long-living cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. As a brand with proven dependability, your Honda can provide you with years of excellent performance, but this will require a partnership whereby diligence with vehicle maintenance is your responsibility. A regular Honda Multi-Point Inspection Service is one of the best ways to know the exact condition of your vehicle and all of its major systems and components, affording you an ongoing opportunity to repair any faulty parts showing signs of wear and tear before they can get worse. Schedule your service appointment today!

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Tom Wood Honda of Anderson Service Center
Tom Wood Honda of Anderson Service Center
Tom Wood Honda of Anderson Service Center
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